Extra information about the project

Teachable Machine

Teachable Machine is a web-based tool that makes it possible to create machine learning models in a fast, simple and universally accessible way. With this tool, I have made two versions of image classifier, which classifies the image shown into Eleutherococcus senticosus, Panax quinquefolius and Panax ginseng.


WEKA is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. It contains tools for data preparation, classification, regression, clustering, association rules mining, and visualization. In this project, I have used the following algorithms: lazy.KStar,lazy.IBk, functions.SMO, functions.Logistic, functions.SimpleLogistic, functions.DI4jMIpClassifier, trees.RandomForest, trees.J48, trees.RandomTree, and bayes.BayesNet.

Here you can see the discussion about the different results. In addition, here you will find access to all the images used, as well as the .arff file and the screenshots of all the results obtained.

The first steps to classify images are shown below. Then, the other steps are dependent on user preference.